Floating and the Mind

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The quieter you become the more you are able to hear” – Rumi

People say the last frontier is a mastery of the mechanics of the mind and I couldn’t agree more with that statement. We are just beginning to crack the surface of the depth that is the human mind and the consciousness that illuminates it. That’s what gets me excited for the future. Here in the present, a majority of global societies face a daily struggle in taking the time to really slow down and rest in a peaceful, non stimulating environment. Enter flotation therapy.

Less Distraction, More Achievement

            When you are set up in a physical space that limits your sensory experience, it creates an environment where you are free from distraction. Putting yourself in an environment like that can cause these incredible after effects that will keep you coming back to float, again and again. Some of these effects include mental clarity and acute awareness. You will feel energized and ready to move forward on goals, tasks and important projects that need the attention they deserve. With less distraction for a weekly 60 minute float session, you can achieve more in your daily life.

Big Waves, Big Healing

            The brain’s activity is categorized into four different wave states: alpha, beta, theta and delta. In both the alpha and beta states, your brain waves are small and rapid and you are cognitive. In theta and delta, or the sleep states, your brain waves start to grow larger and further apart. In these sleep states, your body and mind go through an incredibly restorative process that helps one to heal. When you float, your brain waves slow down into these theta and delta states, meaning more opportunity to provide the body with change to deeply heal itself. The simple practice of very slow, deep breathing greatly aids this process of slowing down both the heart rate and frequency of brain waves. Next time you float, try it out to see for yourself how the breath, heart and mind are all connected.

The mind is a piece of the puzzle that has a lot of moving compartments to it, many that we may never understand, but the more we understand about the mind, the more we begin to understand the nature of ourselves and our capacity to heal. Just what kind of role will floating have in the future of discovering these uncharted territories of the mind? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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