Float Therapy: Spring Cleaning for the Mind

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The words “self care” are often paired with rest, relaxation, and meditation but the truth is, it’s often hard to find ourselves really allowing that deep rest to naturally happen. Think on this. When was the last time you rested in complete darkness, completely weightless, without any movement for a full hour? My guess is that it probably wasn’t as recent as it should’ve been to keep you in an optimal state of health and well-being.

With so much distraction in our world, we have to look inwards more often to stay centered and open in cultivation of our inner peace. I haven’t found any other tool that gets me into as deep of a restful space the way floating can. It is a straightforward path to wellness and cleansing, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and the truth is, there really isn’t anything else that can compare to it. It just seems to keep working for so many of us, time and time again.

Realistically, life will always be throwing curveballs at you from left and right field but it’s important to stay centered within yourself. If you’re anything like me, the treadmill of life can make you feel like you’re always two steps behind. That causes us stress, even if it’s subconsciously! The body isn’t designed for the craziness of a 24/7 non-stop, highly-stressful life. Being busy and over-scheduled is a significant problem when it comes to our health and well-being. Stress floods your body with cortisol and if goes unchecked, it can lead to declining health and chronic disease. We can combat the craziness that life brings with a simple sixty minutes of floating. Downtime, rest, stillness and slowing down are essential for healing — especially if you already have declining health and/or chronic disease. The after effects of just one float tell it all: increased mental clarity and sensations of peace and neutrality, decreased anxiety and depression, and decreased cortisol.

I don’t know exactly what it is but this time of year always gets me itching to clear out the pesty cobwebs that inevitably, always end up creeping into the dark corners of my mind. It might be the subtle change in the weather, or maybe it’s the fact that we just officially crossed over the equinox, but there’s no denying it, Spring always holds space for a deep cleanse and renewal of life.

Slowing Down is Essential.

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