Float Therapy is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

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You probably know a Dad or two who could use a break. The ones that work hard taking care of just about everyone else but themselves. Sometimes, the beloved men in our life don’t carve out the time to prioritize themselves and their relaxation. A Float Spa is a perfect 1-hour getaway to a zero gravity, zero-distraction environment, helping him substantially reduce stress, relieve physical pain, and get better sleep.

Celebrity dads like Stephen Curry and Joe Rogan swear by Float Therapy, and have promoted it as a post-workout recovery tool for peak performance and super-human focus. We know floating can help with just about everything from anxiety, to insomnia, to hypertension. Here are our four reasons why floating is the perfect gift for the Dads in your life:

  1. You don’t need to do anything at all.

The best part about a spa day is not having any responsibilities or worries. With Float Therapy, you quite literally do nothing, in an environment full of “nothing”. There is no effort, no gravity, no lights, no distractions, and no sounds (or maybe Dad would prefer to jam out to his favorite album during the float. We can help with that too). Floating helps to provide a true moment of respite in Dads busy schedule.

  • Reboot his health. Recenter his mind.

Regular floating has been linked to a number of health benefits from immune system support to reduced blood pressure and increased circulation. The most recent studies have shown that Float Therapy can help regulate over-activity in a part of the brain known as the amygdala, which induces feelings of fear and anxiety. These studies show that floating is proving to be an effective treatment for those with anxiety, depression, & PTSD.

  • Recharge his strength and energy.

Floating has also become widely popular among professional athletes. That’s because floating can have a tremendous impact on mental clarity, recovery, physical training, and performance. When we float, we shift into a more parasympathetic mindset, which down-regulates the nervous system. It keeps the muscles relaxed and speeds up our body’s recovery time. Dads do a lot for us and they need to hit that reset button to keep going strong, day after day.

  • He needs to relax and release his pain and tension.

We have gravity pulling on us 24/7/365. When we can truly unload the body, our muscles, and our joints, we give ourselves a tremendous opportunity to release tension and heal the body. Our neck and spine can naturally elongate on the waters surface while our hips and shoulders slowly soften and release tension.

We want Dad to have the best Fathers Day this year; a tie, a wallet and golf tees can only be gifted so many times. Do something unexpected and give Dad a way to say YES to his own inner peace and relaxation. We bet that you’ll have him counting down the days until his next float.

Head over to www.truerest.com/dad to learn more about our annual Father’s Day Sale.

P.S. Warn him not to get salt in his eye.

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