3 Reasons Why Floating is the Best Mother’s Day Gift

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What do you give someone who has the hardest job in the world? A break from it all!

Floating at True REST removes all distractions — light and sound — even gravity. Sixty minutes of effortless floating allows Mom to reach a peaceful and meditative state: the theta brainwave state. The warm, cradling Float Pod can relieve severe aches and pains, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and supply a much-needed dose of Magnesium.
Moms need a break — and we have the perfect solution.
Here are three reasons why floating makes the perfect gift for Mother’s Day:


1. Rest Up

Moms are always on the go. Always giving and rarely taking a moment to rest and recharge for themselves. One night of poor sleep can ruin the next day. Several nights of poor sleep can dramatically increase her stress, mood and even her immunity – the list goes on and on! (just like her responsibilities!)

Floating has been shown to improve sleeping habits naturally by allowing our minds to shut off. The daily dominance of the sympathetic nervous system can finally take a back seat to the peaceful and soothing parasympathetic system. The parasympathetic nervous system is used to replenish the energy and glucose that were depleted by the sympathetic nervous system. It allows the internal organs to rest and recover by decreasing your heart rate and relaxing your muscles.

This blissful state of relaxation stays with mom post-float when bedtime hits. And the benefits don’t stop there – waking up is easier, too!  Mom will rise feeling refreshed!  Brain fog and grogginess are eliminated and daytime fatigue is a thing of the past.


2. Chill Out

At True REST, we fully prepare Mom for her first floating experience – ensuring a warm and comfortable experience from the first step in the door.

After our personally guided orientation tour, we’ll provide a private room with a private shower, and Mom’s own private float pod. Our Float Pods are spacious and luxurious, allowing for total control of the float experience. Leave the pod lid opened or closed, adjust the color therapy lights, float in silence, or bring in your own music for added personalization.

Recent scientific studies have shown that floating relieves symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Floating can be exactly what Mom needs to overcome un-welcomed stress, worry or anxiety.


 3. Zero Pain

Floating takes bath time to the next level. We all know the benefits of Epsom Salt (probably heard about it from Mom), but imagine 1,000 pounds of Epsom Salts dissolved in just 10 inches of water. This super dense solution allows us to float on the surface of the water like a cork. Being suspended in a zero-gravity like state takes the strain off the joints and creates space throughout the body.

Gravity is no friend to the body – it ages us faster, depletes the fluid in our joints, compresses the spine 24/7, and reduces circulation. This causes areas of the body to swell – which leads to joint pain, muscle tension and immobility. The weightlessness of floating on a regular basis can help reverse the effects of gravity on the body over time, thereby enhancing ease of motion, offering pain relief and increasing flexibility. Click here for a full list of benefits.

Help mom feel great, reduce her stress levels, eliminate those aches and pains, and help her take time for herself.
Sounds like you are going to win kid of the year award, so here is how you can make it happen. Head over to our Mother’s Day page. Find your nearest location, add two cards to your cart, and voila! Buy one gift card, get one FREE!

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