Your Brain on Floats, Pt 1: Brain Waves.

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The impacts floating has on your brain are numerous, which is why we’ve chosen to make a several-part series to share with you these benefits in greater detail!

Today’s post will focus on the therapeutic effect that floatation therapy has on your brain waves.

Throughout our normal waking state our brains are typically producing what are called Beta waves. These brain waves are fast and productive—yet are very active, and far from relaxing.

When we do start to take it easy—even closing our eyes for just a few moments—we start producing Alpha waves, which are slower and more rhythmic than beta and therefore bring about feelings of relaxation and greater calm. 

In an even deeper state of relaxation there are brain waves beyond alpha: Theta waves—these are even slower moving and more rhythmic than alpha. We most commonly experience brief glimpses of the serene state that theta waves bring in the peaceful, fleeting instances between wakefulness and sleep. 

It is rare outside of these moments for most of us to experience the ideal combination of tranquil emotions, quiet thoughts and the physical body at rest that allows a theta state to come about and be maintained.

Even if we do enter a theta state, usually once a significant amount of the waves are produced, we fall asleep!

However, floatation therapy is known for it’s unparalleled ability to naturally bring floaters into a state of theta brainwave production—while conscious!

Those who are able to reach deep levels in meditation may also experience this state, yet this may take years of disciplined practice. The Float Pod is the ideal environment for effortlessly facilitating the deeply relaxing and introspective theta state—no experience necessary.

Greater theta wave production is linked to many rewarding benefits. Some of the most significant include:

Deep Relaxation

A deep state of relaxation is possible and nearly inevitable after about 20 minutes in the Float Pod, as the brain begins producing large amounts of theta waves. This state of relaxation might be best described as a feeling of truly letting go.

Increased Body Awareness

In the theta state one’s awareness of their body and it’s functions, both voluntary and involuntary is increased. It is through this widened perception that it becomes possible for floaters to more easily have an impact on their own physiological functions, even those which may typically feel inaccessible in a normal waking state (such as heart rate). 

Blissful Feelings of Wellbeing

The body rewards our deep relaxation by responding with it’s own endorphins (feel good chemicals). In addition, increased theta wave experiences have been linked to greater overall psychological feelings of wellness and contentment in the lives of those who experience them. 

Boosted Immune Function

Because the theta state is so relaxing, the body lowers it’s production of stress hormones—namely cortisol and adrenaline, and instead is given an opportunity to release it’s own feel-good endorphins, while simultaneously allowing the body to focus on its own healing. 

Access to the Subconscious and Dream-Like States

Another characteristic of theta brainwaves is their ability to grant greater access to one’s subconscious; creating a fertile space for positive self-suggestions (such as affirmations), spontaneous creative solutions, potential access to long ago memories and dream-like experiences—while awake.

Memory Enhancement and Super-learning

It has been shown that greater amounts of learning and information are more readily retained when in the theta state. The Float Pod is the perfect place for those who practice what has been coined as “superlearning”.


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