True REST to Give 1,700 Free Floats to Veterans this Veterans Day

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True REST Float Spa has a long history with military and veterans, providing them with opportunities to feel their absolute best since 2014. Having designated the 11th day of every month as U.S. Military Appreciation Day, the float brand has donated nearly 17,000 free floats to military service members, in addition to donating free floats each year on Veterans Day.

This year, True REST Float Spa is continuing its military support by is closing locations to the public to offer veteran-only float sessions on November 11, otherwise known as Veterans Day, to ultimately honor their service with relaxation.

The driving force behind True REST’s veterans and active-duty military advocacy comes from Chief Executive Officer Jim Rowe. Before leading True REST, Jim hadn’t heard of floating or what it could do for the mind and body. But upon talking with a military friend and learning about floatation therapy’s healing benefits, his interest in the holistic practice grew from one of intrigue to realization—this unique therapy had the potential to transform lives and needed to be shared with communities across the country.

The next day, he found True REST Float Spa online, scheduled an in-person meeting with the owner, got involved with the brand to create the True REST Float Spa franchise and has since dedicated his efforts to increasing opportunities for veterans to experience the science of feeling great.

Floating for Veterans and Active-Duty Military

Floating is not a new practice. It’s been around several decades, but with its increased popularity within the mainstream, more research is being conducted on its profound ability to improve people’s health. Research shows that float therapy positively affects psychological and physical conditions for those who try floating. Everyone comes out of a float therapy session with a different experience, but the common denominator is how much more relaxed and rejuvenated they feel.

And this can especially be said for veterans who often suffer the most due to serving in the United States military. Veterans are increasingly suffering from symptoms of chronic paindepressionanxiety, PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, making it difficult to live a full life after service. There is also an additional increase of suicide and substance misuse rates.

Fortunately, float therapy is a natural and holistic way to manage these health issues, serving as a complementary treatment to other therapies such as acupuncture or massage therapy. Float therapy also makes a great pair when coinciding with licensed, professional assistance.

Helping reduce external stimuli and remove gravity’s hold on the body so it feels suspended and weightless, these two components work together to bring an individual to a relaxing, almost meditative state by shutting down the flight-or-fight response that triggers mental and physical pain and suffering. When that survival response kicks in and goes into overdrive, it can be hard to relax, inducing stress. Stress is linked to multiple causes of health issues amongst the population.

With all of this in mind, it’s one of the main reasons True REST Float Spa supports veterans and active-duty military. Serving their country and witnessing or experiencing trauma that sometimes is difficult to talk about leaves them vulnerable to the body’s natural coping response—but floating is a great place to start healing. It’s a moment of self-care, experienced alone in a float pod with lights and music on or off, and a chance to turn the brain off from life’s everyday struggles.

In addition to True REST’s commitment to veterans, they’ve partnered with the Yellow Ribbon Fund—a veteran service organization that provides housing, transportation and caregiver and family support to severely wounded, ill and injured post-9/11 service members from every branch of the United States Military, following unexpected medical crises—to conduct float therapy research, specifically for its benefits to help active-duty military and veterans with PTSD.

Part of True REST’s ultimate mission is to continue spreading the word about floatation therapy and helping military members increase the quality of their lives. True REST Float Spa wants to thank everyone who has served for their ultimate sacrifice to keep the country safe.

Learn More About Float Therapy and True REST’s Military Support

Military and veterans who would like to learn more about True REST’s dedication to military members and how they give back with free floats for Veterans Day and on the 11th day of every month can do so by visiting Members of the military can find participating locations and book themselves a free float session.

To learn more about True REST’s history and the individuals behind the brand, visit Additional information about float therapy and its benefits is available at

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