True REST: The Science of Feeling Great.

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We’re excited to announce that True REST is adopting a brand new tagline—after 4 years in business we’ve gotten even greater clarity and insight to our own mission, which is to bring floating to everyone!

Our original tagline was “Beyond Euphoria”—paying homage to the blissfulness that often accompanies floating.

As you understand something more, you find simpler ways to explain it, and that’s just what we’ve done with our new tagline

Realizing that we could convey our meaning in a more powerful way we’ve chosen to adopt a fresh tagline which is descriptive, yet beautifully simple:

True REST: The Science of Feeling Great

Why did we choose this phrase? Here’s a quick breakdown:


Floating isn’t psuedoscience—there are many studies that have been and are being done on floating and it’s lengthy repertoire of benefits; these are exciting and we look forward to sharing the science behind floating more in the near future!

Many of our clients choose to come see us for pain relief, relaxation and to sleep better—you can expect to hear more on the WHY of the benefits our guests uncover through floating.

Anyone who floats knows the beneficial feeling of true relaxation, and has surely experienced their own positive outcomes—but we want to take this a step further and speak to the measurable effects of floatation therapy.

Feeling Great:

Whether you come to float for pain relief, relaxation, help sleeping, meditation, to lower your anxiety levels—or just to experience this one of a kind environment, all these positive effects of floating have one thing in common: they feel great!

When you feel great, you act great—you make other people feel great; your uplifted feeling is contagious!

Can’t we all agree that the world needs more of this feeling?

Spending one peaceful hour in a Float Pod allows you to release stress and tension which might be standing between you and feeling great.

True REST wants to help spread feeling great through floating to everyone, and this new tagline gets our message across right away.

From booking your appointment to checking out of your float, our goal every step of the way is to facilitate an experience that feels just as great as your floats do, at every turn.

We hope you’ll join us soon to experience for yourself the science of feeling great!

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