The True REST Convention and the Float Conference

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Since our inception 9+ years ago, True REST has been committed to introducing flotation therapy to as many people as possible. Every year, we witness the growth of this incredible industry, and every year we see the powerful potential of the future ahead of us. We are so proud of how far we’ve come together, but we believe we now know the key to the next massive expansion in the market…

That key is science, research, and collaboration – a primary theme of both our annual True REST convention, and the annual Float Conference for the industry.

And at the end of every September, our True REST family meets to keep pushing that vision forward. The group includes spa owners, franchisees, managers, staff, and the entire True REST executive team for a two-day float mastermind. Here are the big takeaways from this year’s True REST convention:

  • We have 34 locations open and operating, with 85 total currently in the pipeline
  • We redesigned a brand new pod (psst, stay tuned)
  • We teamed up some amazing new partners (psst, stay tuned)
  • We expanded across 13 states, facilitating over 450,000 floats
  • We were to first to hear cutting edge research from Dr. Justin Feintein
  • We have a plan in place to take floating to the next level in 2020 (psst, stay tuned)

At the same time every year, we also attend the industry Float Conference. This year was the first year the conference was held in Denver, after it’s 8-year long residency in Portland, OR. This year’s conference was as alive as ever, and successfully ran its first year as an official non-profit organization. Some of the advancements in the industry this year include:

  • Float Therapy as a proven treatment for severe anxiety disorders, such as anorexia.
  • Float Therapy as a tool for peak performance in the military and professional sports
  • The future of floating – pods, rooms, cabins, and more.
  • The enhancement of floating – sound, VR and other integrated tools

This is a fond time of year when we fly across the country to meet as a group, sharing our research, stories, business strategies, best practices, and the ineffable spirit of floating. We can also start to materialize the massive potential ahead of us all – the potential to significantly improve the state of our modern society. Thanks to emerging research, we see floating as a remedy for the technological-overload of our times, which has resulted in undocumented levels of stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, suicide, etc.

We believe that the research will be key for floating to take the next big step into the health and wellness space. (Visit to see the most recent studies.) There is without a doubt a wave of change coming for our industry and with that change comes an expansion beyond our dreams. We are so grateful to be a leader in flotation therapy and we thank you for coming along this journey with us. 

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