The Joy of Escaping Gravity.

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Arguably the greatest and most mysterious force which contributes to our lives on Earth is gravity. Though we cannot see it—we experience its impact all day, every day (and night, too!)

It’s very freeing to be an upright, bipedal mammal—but it also means we have to work extra hard to withstand the crushing tendencies of gravitational force. Though we may be consciously unaware of this pressure, even just standing is a chore!

As Michael Hutchinson says in his wonderful work: The Book of Floating (which is for sale at True REST!):

“Our upright posture is unique and often exhilarating, but gives us, whether we’re running, walking, standing or sitting, a limited area of contact between our bodies and the earth, placing more stress on the body than it was created to withstand”.

But, though we may forget gravity, our brains and nervous systems certainly have not. It’s estimated that 90% of central nervous system activity is related to gravity! Our brain exerts a great amount of energy calculating how to respond to gravity—whether we are sitting down, standing still or running full speed.

Regardless of the activity, just being in an upright position means the tremendous pressure of the gravity is concentrated through the delicate vertical channel we call our spine—in a compressing effect, causing strain.

It’s this constant, concentrated, downward force which is responsible for a large majority of the back problems many of us face. In response to the stress of these aches and pains many of us adopt postures which in turn create tension in our bodies—it’s an unfortunate cycle which tends to perpetuate itself.

Gravity’s impact doesn’t stop at the spine—it continues its downward journey—also taxing the health of our smaller, more fragile parts (such as our knees and hips) and finally exerting the culmination of pressure through two often over-looked parts of the body: the soles of our feet!

No wonder a foot rub on a long day (or any day for that matter) feels so restorative.

If gravity can have such a stressful effect on the body, it’s no surprise that relief from said effects is equally restorative.

Floatation therapy provides an environment in which the body—though never truly “free” from gravity while on Earth—experiences a counterbalancing effect, which, providing complete supine support for the body, creates a sensation of weightlessness while removing the impact of gravity from the body’s joints, muscles and pressure points.

With gravity removed from the body our pains can be lessened and our healing times improved (click here to learn more about floating and pain relief).

What does this mean? Restorative relief and deep relaxation for your body—and mind. In this level of relaxation the body’s accumulated physical tensions—often formed in a response to pain or—can finally release. As they do, the body’s inherent reward system is prompted, firing off feel good endorphins! It’s a win-win.

Add in the myriad of healing benefits offered by the 1,200 lbs of Epsom Salts in each Float Pod, and floating’s healthful potentials are obvious.

Because gravity is a force which is constantly working, the contrast and healthful benefits of even a temporary gravity-free experience (say, 60 minutes in a Float Pod…) is a healing treat for your whole being.

Do you or anyone you know experience pain regularly? Consider trying the natural and deeply relaxing possibilities of floatation therapy.

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