The Best of True REST: A mini series

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In the 7 years I’ve been regularly floating, I’ve had an incredibly vast spectrum of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences while in the pod. Although I rarely fall asleep during a session, how deeply I am able to relax depends on how much I allow myself to relax. When I look back at the full range of the experiences I’ve had, there are a few, very specific floats that still stick out in my memory. They have that extra sprinkle of magic that we use in the phrase, the “magic float”. You know the ones.

The Super Brain

It started off just like any other float. I was focusing on the sound of my breath and trying to relax my body as much as I could. Little by little, as time wore on, my body started to ease up some tension and the boundary of it against the water disappeared. Although my body was in this deeply relaxed state, my mind was another story. At first, the thoughts were pretty standard, like what am I going to eat after this and if I responded to that text message. As time progressed, my thoughts were unusually rapid and the subjects were becoming more and more complex. I had been planning a big career move so money had been on my mind for the past month or two. During my float, I started to calculate numbers and perform these rapid fire equations that I would never normally do without a calculator and a piece of paper to reference back to. It was like a part of my brain had opened up and math was making sense on an entirely new level. And if you know me, you know I’m not a numbers person. I felt like I peeked into just one small possibility of how floating can greatly benefit us: an opening of the Super Brain and the experience of hyperconscious thinking.

The Womb

            Nothing felt out of the ordinary at first. Even about half way through the float, I still hadn’t lost the sensation of my body but I felt extremely mentally relaxed. Then as if with the snap of my fingers, I dipped into a place of deep, subconscious awareness of myself and my body. The sensation around my physical body began to intensify and it felt as if the water had become almost gel-like, holding me snug in place. The water felt like it was enveloping me, just like a mother’s womb holds space for a baby. I couldn’t imagine even wanting to move a muscle because I felt so safe, peaceful and comfortable just as I was. It was like I had “plugged in” my personal charging cable and my battery was filling up. 

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