Pregnancy and Floating: What to Know and Why to Try

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Pregnancy can be one of the most special and meaningful experiences in a couple’s life together. You are bringing new life into the world and are stepping into a new role as parent and guardian for your little one. For the woman, not only are you growing a human life inside your body, you are probably also experiencing sensations unlike anything you’ve felt beforehand! Often towards the end of pregnancy, things can get a little physically uncomfortable. For nine whole months, a baby floats in the mother’s womb so why not try floating for yourself? It’s like pregnancy float inception!
What you should know before floating…

1. First and foremost, we always recommend you consult with your doctor beforehand. After they give you the green light, you’re all good to book your appointment with us!

2. You can bring your own music to listen to during your session. Each of our float rooms has a USB and headphone jack that you can plug your phone into. Some people prefer listening to a guided meditation, binaural beats or their favorite music, while others simply enjoy the sweet sound of silence.

3. We provide a foam head rest that will help support your neck and shoulders to use at your discretion. If you feel you would like some extra support under your legs, bring a small pool noodle to place underneath the knees during your session.

4. Be caffeine free. We want you to fully indulge in an hour of relaxation and the best way to do that is stay away from caffeine for at least 10 hours before your float.

5. Yes, you will indeed float regardless of your little one. Remember, no two pregnancies are the same and every woman experiences those nine months a little bit differently. Nausea, food & smell sensitivity, swollen ankles and feet, back pain and fatigue are some of the more common experiences of pregnancy. Typically as pregnancy heads towards the latter part of the third trimester, sensitivity in the hips and residual back pain can increase dramatically for the mother. We want to help ease some of that discomfort when you come in for a float with us.

Why you should give it a try…

1. Physical Relief – as we’ve mentioned, pregnancy can be a little uncomfortable for some women. Give your body time to relax in a weightless environment. There will be less pressure on your bones and joints and more overall relief.

2. Magnesium Absorption – Women are asked to increase their magnesium intake during
pregnancy and we actually absorb most nutrients through the largest organ of our body, our skin! Flotation should not be a replacement for magnesium intake but it will help to relax the muscles in your body as they relax in preparation for birth.

3. Stress Relief – There is no better time to invest in decreasing your levels of stress other than NOW! Pregnancy is stressful enough on any woman! Our goal: less stress, more peace.

4. Better Rest – Fatigue and exhaustion are very common in pregnancy and often laying down can be physically uncomfortable while you’re pregnant. A weightless environment gives you the opportunity to comfortably rest and catch up on some much needed sleep.

5. Baby Bonding – Many women who have floated during their pregnancy report experiencing a profound sense of bonding with their baby in this environment. This is commonly referred to as “the mirror effect” in the float community.

The experience of pregnancy is truly unlike anything else and you deserve to take some time to sit back and relax during it. You’re floating the little ones of the future, so let us float you!

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