Mandy Rowe Discusses Health and Wellness Franchise Trends with Social Geek Radio

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Mandy Rowe, director of franchising at True REST Float Spa, recently joined Jack Monson at Social Geek Radio for an exclusive, one-on-one interview about floatation therapy, entrepreneurship and franchising. She shares her unique experience at True REST Float Spa, why it’s important for mental and physical health, and how Navy Seals inspired sharing the benefits of floating with the public.

Rowe’s involvement in the brand started because of the compelling story of Navy Seal friends who utilized float therapy to help them with sleeping, PTSD and language learning by streaming audio tracks that would help them retain new languages. With no civilian public place to float, True REST recognized the opportunity to offer the community a chance to experience the benefits of float therapy through franchising.

At its very basic level, float therapy is the act of floating atop water set to skin temperature. The solution is specialized, composed of 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts mixed with 180 gallons of water. Each float pod is filled with 10 inches of this mixture, allowing guests to effortlessly float.

Floatation therapy’s discovery and scientific research began in the early 1950s, but the practice has gained awareness in recent years as a holistic treatment option for individuals with acute or chronic conditions such as pain, PTSD, sleep disorders and mental health issues. For example, True REST Float Spa was established in 2010 but the interest in floatation therapy has grown exceptionally, with the company now having 37 open locations with several more opening over the next few months.

Helping with the brand’s franchising industry growth and passion for transforming people’s lives, Rowe also shares how much True REST is a game-changer and an important practice helping thousands—specifically, entrepreneurs and those looking to improve their health and wellness. Individuals want an affordable and refreshing solution to health, and business owners are looking for opportunities to eliminate burnout when pursuing their venture goals.

Because mental health impacts such a large part of people’s lives, wellness franchise brands like True REST Float Spa allow entrepreneurs to give back to their communities and be a solution to a much larger problem.

Rowe also covers additional topics about float therapy and franchising with Social Geek Radio, including:

  • Floatation therapy and its helpfulness during COVID-19
  • The rise in popularity of float therapy as a holistic treatment
  • How True REST supports its franchisees as small business owners
  • Why True REST doesn’t see other wellness franchises as competitors
  • Trends in health and wellness, including the franchising industry

As an individual making an impact on the lives of so many and working diligently to implement new technologies through the discovery of new float therapy research, Rowe offers excellent insight into one of her greatest passions at True REST Float Spa: floatation therapy.

The Social Geek Radio podcast is available to listen to on AppleGoogle and Spotify. Individuals can also find it on the website at

For more information about True REST Float Spa, learn more at In addition, True REST offers a beginner’s guide to get started for guests who might be new to float therapy. To find the nearest float spa location to book an appointment, visit

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