Magnificent Magnesium—the Power of Floating in Epsom Salt.

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At True REST each of our Float Pods contains over 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salt dissolved into their 10 inches of water—allowing you to float gently, like a cork, on the surface. This in and of itself does the job of providing a gravity free and sensory restricted experience, which is sure to relax your body and mind deeply.

But there’s much more to Epsom Salts than just their floating potential—and their myriad of benefits are shared with you each time you float. Bonus!

First off—what are Epsom Salts anyway? Epsom Salt is actually not a “salt” at all. Rather, it is a compound of the minerals Magnesium and Sulfate.

These minerals are truly powerhouses: Magnesium is responsible for regulating over 325 of the body’s enzymes, is good for your arteries, helps reduce inflammation and assists in nerve functions! Magesium is also one of the top nutritional deficiencies being experienced today—the body ups its adrenaline at the expense of depleting this precious mineral in times of stress, which could help to explain why so many of us are lacking in it!

Sulfates, such as those found in Epsom Salt  can resolve headaches and even help the body to absorb more nutrients—while flushing toxins.

Both magnesium and sulfates are best, and most easily absorbed through the skin—rather than the digestive tract—making a float the ideal place to receive them.

As a result of their top-notch mineral composition, Epsom Salts are recognized as having an extensive list of applications in our wellbeing, both inside and out:

Stress Relief:
In times of stress our body produces more adrenaline (fight of flight) while simultaneously depleting our magnesium stores—soaking in Epsom Salts replenish our levels.

Magneisum is also touted for it’s role in preventing anxiety and providing calmer states of relaxation through increased serotonin levels.

Flushing Toxins:
The sulfates in epsom salt help to flush out heavy metals and other toxins in the body—through our largest organ—our skin.

Pain + Muscle Relief:
Achy, tired muscles and even migraine headaches find relief with Epsom Salts—they reduce inflammation and swelling while also easing pain.

Whether you’ve been doing heavy lifting, sprained an ankle or have built up tension, Espsom Salts can assist in restoring your body.

Heart Health:
Epsom Salts are great for the circulatory system and help to reduce irregular heartbeats, prevent against artery hardening and lower blood pressure, while reducing blood clots.

Improved Sleep:
When muscles release their tension in response to magnesium’s natural ability to relax them, our body and brain can more easily follow suit, initiating the “relaxation response”—a prerequisite to a good night’s rest.

Soft Skin:
Whether floating or using them as an exfoliate outside of a float, Epsom Salts are great for your skin (have you noticed how soft you feel as you leave your float?).

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