I’m Thankful for Floating Because…

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There have been over 185,000 floats at True REST across the country in under a decade. That is a lot of people just like you who have thoughts on True REST. Instead of hearing more about what we have to say, this time we want to hear what YOU had to say. From Yelp to Instagram to Facebook, below is a collection of thoughts over 2017 that share why our clients are thankful for floating!


I am thankful for floating because it helps with physical pain.

Seriously just had one of the best experiences of my life getting a float spa massage at @truerestdetroit …. 🌟
When my hour was up I was shocked because I thought it had only been five minutes – that’s how relaxed I was! 🌟 I have neck tension and muscle pain frequently and I am strongly recommending my family members and friends with similar problems or anyone who is looking to experiment with mediating to give Float Spa a try

(Elizabeth at True REST Detroit via Instagram)


Hubby sent me off for my first float at #truerestchico tonight! I was super sore from my workouts before the float and now I can actually move. Can’t wait to see how I feel tomorrow! If you’re in #chicoca I highly recommend going to @truerestchico and seeing what it’s all about! Cant wait to go back.
(Nadia at True REST Chico via Instagram)


 If you haven’t tried @truerestcbus please let me know. And I can recommend them to you and tell you all about them. It has seriously been life changing for me. I deal with chronic pain and use of pain killers. After 3 back surgeries. This is such a pain relief and a relax point that it has drastically reduced my pain meds need#podselfie #floaton #floatlife always have to wear this most comfortable gear to the spa @homage
(Chris at True REST Columbus via Instagram)


This is what relaxation looks like 👌🏼Went in today with a very sore hip, hammy, quad & calf (basically right hip down) and almost forgot it was bothering me when I stood up after my float 💁🏼 aside from its meditative purposes, these salt soaks help a ton with muscle recovery 💪🏼Thanks for getting me in today
(Jillian at True REST Detroit via Instagram)


Best. Experience. Ever. Taking care of my aching body in a different way tonight… if only I could have you feel the difference my body went through after strong upper back and neck pains (for at least the last month and a half) and now knee pain to the feels I’m having now – you’d be hanging next to me at the Oxygen Bar and not staring at a screen. 🦋
(Stacia at True REST Folsom via Facebook)


I have a form of rheumatoid arthritis called polyarthropathy meaning it doesn’t just affect one or two joints, but multiple body systems are impacted in several ways. I get severe peripheral edema in my hands and feet turning my legs until cankles and my fingers into sausages. After a float, I have nearly no inflammation and no pain whatsoever.  Not to mention the stress and tension relief that I also experience. My fiancé and I have a membership and float at least every other week at the Tempe location. The staff is friendly and helpful. There are no high pressure sales pitches or drama. Just a peaceful, welcoming environment and smiling faces.
(Andrea at True REST Tempe via Yelp)


Totally blissed out after my first float. My hip pain is gone…..#podselfie #truerest #floatspa
(Ashley at True REST Detroit via Instagram)



I am thankful for floating because it helps with anxiety.

Had first ever float session today at @truerestdetroit and I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but this turned out to be super helpful for my anxiety. I’ve got two people interested in going, plus myself for another session. #truerestdetroit
(Mariel at True REST Detroit via Instagram)


I really try and eat healthy to keep my body feeling great, but I also do other things such as massage, cupping etc. The newest thing I tried is float therapy and let me tell you.. it was amazing. I’m definitely quite an anxious, overthinking person with a lot of aches and pains and this helped all of the above. @truerestdetroit was incredible. It’s so clean, such a warm welcoming experience and I cannot wait to do this again!
(Cait at True REST Detroit via Instagram)


Another amazing float this month💙Since joining, I’ve noticed my anxiety has reduced and my depression doesn’t last as long and I feel more positive! Floating has changed my life and mental health for the better💙 #truerestcbus#podselfie #relaxation #bliss
(Liz at True REST Columbus via Instagram)



I am thankful for floating because it helps with creativity.

  First time at @truerestroseville tonight and it was definitely a cool experience! Relaxing, tons of creativity flowing during the experience, and a feeling of general euphoria afterwards. Try it out
(Phillip at True REST Roseville via Instagram)

  Ahhhhh sensory deprivation hour, my savior. You’d be shocked what one hour of floating in a pod of epsom salt water can do for your mind and body. If you suffer from pain, sleep problems, creative or mental block it is incredible. I pretty much just pretend I’m a ping pong ball and bounce from side to side.
(Che at True REST via Instagram)


I am thankful for floating because it helps with sleep.

 I have recommended this place to so many friends that I figured it was time to do a formal review. I first tried True Rest Float Spa a few years ago when I saw a deal on Living Social.  I suffer from Insomnia and thought I would give it a try.  I sleep so well for a good week after floating.  I’ve tried other locations (including one walking distance to my home) but I love the atmosphere and staff at this location.
(Faith at True REST Gilbert via Yelp)


 I suffer form sleep apnea and thought this might help me get some rest. It was way more effective than I could have imagined. The night of my float was the best nights sleep I can remember. It has been a couple of days and I’m  still feeling better than I was prior to the float. I purchased a membership the day of the float and have already told many people. You have to give it a try!
(Robert at True REST Las Vegas via Yelp)



I am thankful for floating because it helps with relaxation.

So satisfied and completely relaxed. True Rest Float Spa is my most favorite place.
(Andy at True REST Folsom via Instagram)

A big thank you to @TrueRestDetroit for having me today! 👍🏼 My first float therapy session was nothing but amazing. 💆🏻 As someone with lots of tension/stress built up in my body, I felt so relaxed right after my float!! I’ll definitely be back. ☺️🌊
(Julia at True REST Detroit via Instagram)


  I just did my first float at True Rest Float spa! Sensory deprivation might sound scary but it’s the most relaxing feeling I’ve ever experienced
(Emily at True REST Elk Grove via Instagram)


I had my 1st float today at @truerestdetroit Float Spa! Such an amazing experience. I got to float in a zero gravity tank for an hour. It was beyond relaxing. I felt like I was floating on air. It was effortless. It’s supposed to help you relieve pain, heal faster, relax, de-stress, improve sleep. I plan on going monthly. The Spa is beautiful and the staff are extremely nice and professional. This was a well deserved treat! Thanks True Rest! #TrueRESTDetroit #podselfie
(Jana at True REST Detroit via Instagram)


I had my 3rd experience in a float pod tonight. It’s been a different experience each time. I bet they are all a bit different from each other, depending on what your mind or body needs. I seemed to have had two experiences tonight; one for the mind and another for the body. It was very hard to shut off my #monkymind during my float but the point is not to clear your head, that’s impossible, the point is to try. Noticing that the mind has wandered is a good thing; that’s your mind coming back to this moment. I had a few moments of perfect stillness. My body really got to relax but my mind spent much of the time being excited about floating and wanting to talk about it. Looking forward to my next one. #floating #floatspa #truerest #scottsdale #podselfie
(Steve at True REST Scottsdale via Instagram)


Floating is one of those acts of self care that makes such a difference — yet is so easy to put off “until next week” in lieu of the immediate busy-ness of life. Suddenly it’s been 6 months since you gave yourself time to LET. GO. on a whole other level ✨🦄 ! if you haven’t tried float therapy yet, give yourself permission to slow the eff down (ESPECIALLY if you think you don’t have time to 😉) and let your overworked senses take a damn break. 💙PS Omaha homies, I’m pretty sure @truerestomaha is about to be a thing!
(Rene at True REST Scottsdale via Instagram)

I am thankful for floating because it helps with escaping reality.

Most of my float was in an enjoyable total darkness. The light can cycle through & light-up in any color for an even deeper journey. Levitate – floatate feel great. OMG – This place is amazing 😉
(Andy at True REST Folsom via Instagram)


 First float was AMAZING I drifted off into space for an hour. THEN I woke up back on earth. I will be back soon.
(Cole at True REST Perrysburg via Instagram)


 I cannot accurately convey into words, emotions, feelings or experiences how amazing yesterday was. I got to experience my first (of many) float(s). My initial experience with floating on buoyant salt water in a dark pod was terrifying. After a minute with accepting my position and being alone with my thoughts, I was able to be transported to a world of ultimate relaxation. Simply floating on a little cloud improved my mood, energized me all over and gave me a new perspective on life. 💭💦 #podselfie#floaton
(Jenelle at True REST Detroit via Instagram)


Just finished my #floatsession @truerestaustin #podselfie #truerestaustinI had a lot of hurt and dark, evil stuff to face Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself when your life is crashing down that maybe it’s time for a #change It was time to get rid of the #negativity and #reinventyourself When my #spirit came back to my body I was gasping for air and splashed around a bit. I was #scared but sometimes you just need to #letgo
(Enigma at True REST Austin via Instagram)


Open the door to the pod, feel the warm salt water on my skin & release myself. Float away the pain, release all the stress and be one with thyself. Far away from the world. Falling into a deep state of trance I let go of all my worries and detoxify my mind, body & soul. Thank you to the wonderful staff @truerestchandler for making this all possible
(Nicki at True REST Chandler via Instagram)


 Recovery day – 1st float experience and absolutely loved it. Have not felt this type of relaxation pretty much ever. Feels like you’re floating in space 🚀 not to mention feeling some spinal decompression and muscles letting go throughout the float. Love love loved it & cant wait to go back 😁you should totally go check it out and tell them I said so 🙋🏼
#recovery #recovergamestrong #destress #earnednotgivencrossfit #earnednotgiven #truerestdetroit #floatspa #truerestfloatspa #podselfie 😎
(Jillian at True REST Detroit via Instagram)



I am thankful for floating because it helps with… life.

Adulting was hard today so I had to float. Now I’m relaxed and I no longer want to hurt people.
(Stacey at True REST Tempe via Instagram)


 Float therapy is my new chiropractor, massage therapist, and spiritual guide rolled into one.
(Sara at True REST Easton via Instagram)


Sometimes when you look in the mirror, we don’t see the side of ourselves we expect. Floating leads to inner peace.
(Dan at True REST Brick via Instagram)


(CJ at True REST Perrysburg via Instagram)


 LOOOOVVVEEEDDD ITTTT! Very relaxing! I’m afraid I might be addicted! If you are living a jam packed life and feel the pressure….the Float Spa is for you!
(Kristen at True REST Tempe via Yelp)

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