How To Float Like A Pro

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The first time I booked an appointment to float, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had heard through the grapevine about this amazing healing tool that could help me destress and release body aches, so I went for it. After the float consultant dropped me off to Room #1, I knew I was in for a treat. The room had a slight salty smell in the air, the pod was glowing from the changing lights and music filled the room as the water filtered itself. I got in, I laid back and up my feet went, just like a cork. I had never felt this sensation before, so at first it was a challenge to fully relax but then I closed my eyes and thought to myself, “I’m about to be a pro at this”.

Here’s a quick step by step guide how to prepare for your perfect float.

Step One: Always try to arrive a little early. Take the time to unwind before your appointment starts so once you’re in the pod, you’re ready to go! Shampoo, towels, hair ties? We’ve got you covered, all you need to bring is yourself. Once you settle in, a float consultant will show you around and then take you to your private room to start your float.


Step Two: Here’s where we have little pre-float prep action and some tricks of the trade. Put the ear plugs in before you shower, it will keep them in place and won’t lock water in your ears. In the shower, give everything a good rinse with our body wash and shampoo. Skip the conditioner, that will be for after your float. I personally try to keep my face as dry as possible so there isn’t as much condensation once I am floating, but you do what’s best for you! Tip for the ladies, skip the makeup! Your pores will open up, so it’s best to have a clean face so the skin can breathe.


Step Three: Get on in the pod and enjoy your float! We have a foam pillow for extra neck support and a spray can with fresh non-salinated water in case you need a little spritz. You have the option to listen to your own music, change the color of the lights or choose to turn it all off and rest back in complete silent stillness. The float ends with five minutes of music, at this time please carefully exit the pod.

Step Four: Get those ear plugs out and take a nice hot shower. Rinse off well so you don’t have any salt hanging around for later. Dry off, get dressed and toss your towels in the hamper. Take a visit to the Prep room to finish getting ready.

Step Five: Head over to the Oasis room for a cup of warm herbal tea. Try out the oxygen bar, write in our Float journal and connect with our community. You never know who you’ll meet when you come in for a float.

Step Six: Start a membership so you can bring flotation therapy into your regular self care routine. Write us a review, share your #podselfie with us and tell your family and friends all about your experience. This one’s for some extra credit 🙂

Whether you’re a first time floater or a member with us, we can all float like a pro.

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