How Float Therapy Has Changed My Life & Coaching Practice

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My new happy place.

I was a Certified Massage Therapist for many years before and while I became a Health and Wellness Coach. To say I’m open to natural health and wellness modalities that can benefit me, my family, and my clients, is an understatement.

Since I’ve traveled all over the world reviewing spas and therapies, I have high standards with regards to cleanliness, professionalism, and wellness benefits. For me to recommend something to my clients, I have to do a lot of research, receive validation from natural health professionals I trust, and truly see results.

For many years, I have received a massage at least once or twice a month. I am even quite discerning about massage therapists and types of massage. I’ve only had a few bad massages, mostly in other countries and a couple less than satisfying, domestically.

Months back, one of my dear friends of over 20 years, and a coaching mentor, treated me to a single life-altering experience that has changed my life and like many similar blessings in life has had a ripple effect and gone on to change the lives of many of my coaching clients and my family’s lives as well.

Step aside massage, and hello flotation therapy.

I’m going to get real here with you. Since I began floating in a sensory deprivation tank my sleep has improved, all my normal peri-menopausal symptoms have improved dramatically or vanished, my previous chronic pain from an injury many years ago, has completely disappeared, my moods are better, I see continuously improved resiliency to stress, I recover faster from strenuous exercise, and the list continues to grow exponentially.

Flotation Therapy
Me enjoying a float.

Like anything in life that is of immeasurable value, when something is this great you want to share it with the world and everyone in your sphere of influence. That’s exactly what I have been doing.

So far, I have recommended it to all my coaching clients and every single one of them who have tried it have experienced similar gains: recovery from migraines, weight loss, detoxification, pain relief, deep relaxation and stress relief, healing, better sleep, resolution of anxiety and panic attacks, enhanced athletic performance, and the list just continues to grow.

My first float at True REST Float Spa was great but like most of my clients, it’s hard to know exactly what to expect as you shut out the world entering a solitary pod and delving into a state of isolation, weightlessness, and introspection, floating above 1000 pounds of magnesium sulfate, in skin temperature water.

I wasn’t scared, nervous, or claustrophobic but I was a bit unsettled at first. Like anything new, it’s the unknown that stays in the forefront of your mind.

By the end of my first float, 60 minutes in the sensory deprivation float pod, I knew I had turned a pivotal point in my life as my chronic back pain was almost completely gone, and I felt a sense of physical peace, relaxation and rejuvenation that was hard to quantify as I analyzed it. I had found the reset button.

The Float Tank Cure
Excellent book on float therapy.

Within days I took my husband and middle daughter in for a float and myself for a second one. I knew if they loved it and benefited from it like I had, then I had found the holy grail of wellness to share with the world.

My family members loved it, truly loved it. I asked my daughter, for whom I typically bought a massage monthly, how she liked it compared to massage. As she sat in the Oasis Room in bliss, post-float, she turned to me and said, “Mom, it’s so much better than massage. I want to do this instead.”

She’s a bit of a germa-phobe and was surprisingly pleased with the impeccable cleanliness of the True REST Float Spa where she took her maiden voyage, just like I had.

My husband, a veteran, is always supportive of everything I do. This time he proved it wasn’t just another passion that I had that he stood behind, when he began floating 1-2 times a month and making his own appointments with absolutely no prompting from me. It just so happened that True REST Float Spa honors veterans with a complimentary float each month.

Floating makes me happy.
Every month, my family is happy when our float membership restarts with more floats to enjoy.

I’m coming up on my 30th float and floating has taken my life to another level in more ways than I can even begin to quantify.

Float Journal
Love keeping a journal of my float journey.

My floating journey has evolved to where I keep a float journal now. I often enter a deep state of relaxation and even sleep in the pod. I pray and meditate, I unwind, I let go, and I let the float take me where I need to go. Each float is unique and I have never had a bad float. Unlike massage where so many variables can influence the experience such as room temperature, music, massage therapist technique, over talkative therapist, noise, lighting, etc., you and only you are the leader of your own personal float journey. It takes you where you need to be, if you just let it. That’s the key and takes a bit of practice.

Float Journaling
I’m in such a state of bliss right after a float, that it’s a little messy. But that’s OK!

The more you float the more gains you see. I was a personal trainer decades ago and it reminds me of exercise in the the sense that it builds over time much like physical fitness conditioning or strength training.

Oasis Room
Oasis Room and Oxygen Bar at a True REST Float Spa

Another thing I love about True REST Float Spas is that they offer an essential oil infused Oxygen Bar to enjoy in their Oasis Room after your float. This allows some nurturing time to gently come back to reality post-float, while enjoying the wonderful health benefits of both the oxygen and essential oils, two more integrative wellness modalities that I have incorporated for years in my health and wellness coaching. They also offer tea in the Oasis Room and I am a tea lover so my love affair just continues to deepen.

When I shared the benefits I was seeing, with my friend and doctor, she wrote me and my other family members a prescription for floating. On her prescription pad she even provided footnotes for medical research behind its benefits. She knew all about floating and highly encouraged it. It just keeps getting better.

I’m now on a personal quest to share float therapy with the world. Sometimes you just know, that you know, that you know. I know I have found a key to change lives and improve quality of life, health, and wellness.

Floating is a blessed respite and retreat in our over-stimulated, hyper-connected world. It’s a road to recovery and transformation. As a Master Life Coach I know this is absolutely invaluable. You may learn more about yourself in just 60 minutes in the float pod than you have ever discovered in a lifetime.

-Blog written by Carmel Mooney of True REST in Dallas, TX

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