Give the Float Experience This Valentines Day

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People are moving from gift giving to activity giving, following a minimalist trend. The ideology being that experiences, adventures, and quality time hold more value than clothes, games, or other physical items items. The float experience is a great addition to the activity giving mindset.

Less Clutter

How many times do you get gifts that you never asked for and don’t want, but now feel compelled to keep for a least a while? So when that person comes by, you can make them feel good by showing them you still have it? Things pile up in a blink of an eye and you realize how much of it you held on to for no good reason at all. Giving an activity as a gift means nothing else gets added to your piles of well… nothing.

Builds Memories

An activity like floating is something you will always remember. You can share your experience in stories talking with friends. If you join someone else in the float spa, after floating you to swap opinions and tips while relaxing in a True REST Oasis room. Enjoying the gift of time with someone else and sharing an experience together is rewarding. Memories, especially based on something unique like floating, are likely to last longer than the appeal of most items.

Going Green

Along with reducing clutter, when choosing the right activity for you, going green can be a consideration. The environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible float itself ranges from spa to spa. Many True RESTs have eco friendly hot cups for your tea, while others have mugs that you can use in spa. There are also eco friendly water cups, and clients are invited to fill up their own water bottle. While ear plugs are provided, some clients purchase their own ear plugs for reuse. Towels are provided and green conscious clients often keep to one towel to reduce the energy demands of multiple laundry loads.

Doing Something Good For Yourself

There are a plethora of activities that can be gifted, an important benefit of choosing to float is how good it is for you! The float experience can be a stress killer, enhance sleep, reduce pain, detoxify, and help clear thinking. Read more about each of these benefits here.

Will you join in giving the gift of activity with float therapy this Valentine’s Day?

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