Fuel Up with Defiance Fuel

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Have you heard the word? True REST has established their partnership with Defiance Fuel. This helps our members achieve optimal hydration with each float.

So what is Defiance Fuel?

From their website, “It is a concierge, elite beverage. It is a patented, clinically tested, premium structured water that is the result of over 25 years of research and development that we consider your best hydration vehicle in the market. It was pioneered with Olympic gold medal athletes in 2000- 2003. We reverse engineered, stabilized and amplified one of the most special natural waters on the planet that is naturally occurring. We learned how to synthesize these natural processes for you”. Created by an extremely passionate team of researchers, this water is truly next-level. 

How does it work?

We know that hydration is important after floating, and Defiance Fuel is here to help!  Defiance Fuel uses a patented Cellular Hydration ProcessingTM (CHP). CHP is an advanced process creating an environment in which cells are hydrated more effectively. Defiance Fuel is formulated with the perfect pH. Great for high performing athletes and has been shown to increase cellular hydration and cell charge for more energy and endurance.

That’s a tall order. How does it stack up?

After a few months of our team drinking Defiance Fuel on a regular basis, it’s hard to deny that everyone on our team can feel a big difference in our daily hydration levels, brain function and energy. First off, this water actually tastes great which makes it truly enjoyable to drink, so you end up drinking more of it than regular water. There almost is a silky, smooth texture to the water and it’s easy to drink large amounts. For me personally, I notice dehydration the most in my lips and the days I drink Defiance Fuel, I never feel my lips dried out. Overall, I feel more hydrated, and as I’m continuing my workout and float routine, I’m detoxing more and feeling great!

Here’s the good news – Defiance Fuel is now FREE to our members with each visit to the spa. Get your own personal bottle of the world’s leading water technology for optimal hydration on your float days. Defiance Fuel is designed to return your body to a state of healthy hydration, energy and balance, making it the perfect compliment to your float practice. By partnering with some of the world’s leading water technology experts, our goal is to better understand the Science of Feeling Great. Read more about the partnership here.

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