Flotation Therapy: Fill Up to Pour Out!

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From time to time, hectic weeks arise when I say to myself: “I’ve got too much going on—I’m too busy to float”. Then I pause and realize that the very fact I feel this way means it is time I get in a Float Pod.

Oftentimes societal views of success are strictly linked to productivity—and focus heavily on linear progress—always doing more, achieving and striving. As we start to do more and more and our demands seem to pick up pace, it’s easy to conclude that the best solution is to move faster.

This makes sense from a linear way viewing things—stay up to pace, rush towards life to catch up with it—but, contrary to this straight forward way of viewing our situation, the world we live in is not linear, it moves in cycles.

Nature doesn’t present us with everlasting spring—each season winter comes. The sun certainly doesn’t shine all day, it sets.

The active lives we lead are intense—constantly multitasking, rushing around, thinking, feeling—all while we are bombarded by the rest of the world doing the same thing!

Just as breaks during working days are now known to be productivity helpers, dedicating quality time to deep relaxation allows us to hit the “Reset” button within the busy lives we lead, and come out the other side more prepared than ever to continue to accomplish.

The height of our striving is balanced by the depth of our relaxation—each feeds the other, and if we attempt to stray from this cycle we burnout, we are simply forced to come to a halt—but at this point, theres nothing “relaxing” about it.

Self-Care isn’t just something to do when you’re feeling sick or exhausted—just as health is more than just the absence of sickness. Self-Care is a maintenance tool, it’s vibrance—allowing you to perform at your best—by both actively engaging and relaxing we maintain this balance.
We can’t just pour out all the time—we’ve got to fill up!

True relaxation is just as powerful as true action.

Unfortunately, despite good intentions when many of us try to relax, all the inertia of our constant activity is still pushing us forward—and that can make it difficult to unwind. It makes sense: once we’re in motion, we tend to stay as such.

Modern life, with its exceptional focus on achieving, has made this especially true—it can seem entirely counter intuitive to slow down and fully rest.

As with anything, it simply takes practice, and each experience builds on itself.

At True REST we have the perfect relaxation training grounds—Float Pods.

Floats are designed to bring you into deep relaxation from every aspect. Upon entering, the thoughts we each carry with us may, naturally, continue to come. But shortly thereafter, as we settle in, a beautiful thing happens—effortlessly the mind and body are brought into a rarely experienced space of restorative recoup.

60 minutes in this fully relaxed state is powerful—my favorite thing about working at True REST is witnessing the transformation that inevitably happens in everyone who floats. There’s a lightness and refresh that you can feel as soon as someone steps out of their experience.

Why is floating so relaxing? There are many factors—through removing the bombardment of every day life’s overwhelming amount of stimulus, a peaceful oasis is found within the Pod—no chance of being bothered, no one to impress, nothing to get done…just time to be.

Floating allows us to be free from the impact of gravity—which is constantly pressing down on us. This allows tension, muscle strain and pain to release.

As the body relaxes, so does the mind; they tend to follow each other (no wonder we find ourselves with physical tension from mental stress.)

With water heated to the temperature of the skin, even the distraction of air on the skin is lifted. The Epsom Salt, which allows you to float on the surface of the water, is inherently relaxing—due in large part to it’s high magnesium content.

Relaxation is not something to be earned, it’s a habit to be maintained for optimal performance—mental and physical. Flotation therapy is the perfect match for a world that longs for efficiency—come see what just an hour in a Float Pod can do for you.

Have you floated yet? Give your local True REST a call to book an appointment!

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