Floating to Your Best Wedding, Even If You Aren’t The Bride!

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It is the midst of Wedding Season and it’s time to think about the benefits of weddings and floating together.

Planning Stages

Planning a wedding can be stressful for many involved, aside from just the bride and groom. The pod is a great place for officiants to practice their speeches, bridal parties to think about events they are orchestrating, and parents to dream about what the day will mean for them as a family.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Destination Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are on the rise! Topping the list are Las Vegas, Napa, Austin, San Diego, and Scottsdale. All these popular cities have True REST locations. The range of benefits of floating ensure that there is something for everyone. Whether the goal is to relax after a long night out, recover from a group hike, or have a full-blown spa day- True REST is the right choice to add to the weekend. Locations have anywhere from 2 – 8 pods, allowing the whole party to float at once or to stagger guests. While waiting for a turn, True REST has an oxygen bar, hot tea, and many other amenities that can be used. If you are planning in advance, reach out to the specific True REST you want to book at. Some have “Bridal Packages” that may include mocktails, fruit platters, and other specials when you book out the spa!

Week Before Wedding

A week before the wedding, all the important decisions have been made but none of the last-minute touches can be done yet (picking up the cake, putting flowers in vases, etc.). This is the perfect time to enjoy a float! It is the ideal environment for the bride and groom to think about their vows, walk through the day in their minds, and simply relax before the big day.


As mentioned, there are True RESTs in many popular Bachelor/Bachelorette party locations, however, there are True RESTs all over the country and very well might be one in your Honeymoon city! After living in a city in the sun full time, my fiancé and I are excited to honeymoon in the snow. We picked Utah for our vacation and plan to visit True REST Provo while we are there. After spending time with family and friends for the wedding, things can get hectic. We are very much looking forward to some quiet time together while relaxing in our own pods.

When do you think is the best time during the wedding process to float? Comment below!

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