Floating Through The Second Trimester

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Floating during pregnancy is raved about by clients. True REST has shared blogs before about Pregnancy and Float Therapy: What to Know and Why to Try as well as Tips and Tricks to Float During Pregnancy. We even shared how floating can help women who are trying to conceive! Now after Floating Through the First Trimester, find out what the second trimester experience was like for me!


My first trimester float took place at eight weeks pregnant after I was cleared from my doctor to pick back up my float practice. For this float I was 23 weeks pregnant. I would have liked to have floated around the 19/20 week mark, but my pregnancy is taking place during the COVID-19 health pandemic and majority of float spas were not open at that time. A benefit of waiting a bit longer was being able to feel my baby during the float. I recommend floating after you can feel the flutters and little kicks in your every day life.

Physical Benefits

I had not realized how much back pain I was having until I slipped into the float pod. Being able to have the gravity free experience, my body shifted and embraced the back stretch. I noticed a difference from my normal float posture. This time, I felt more of a rise in my knees and felt a bit closer to the water with my lower stomach. This created a curve that really accentuate my spine, alleviating my back pain. While I used to suffer from monthly migraines, during the pregnancy I have been having migraines on a more weekly basis. I am optimistic that the Epsom salts in the float pod will help keep future migraines at bay.

Mental Benefits

The combination of pregnancy and the health pandemic has been very stressful. Being able to enjoy that hour alone in pure relaxation absolutely helped to relieve some of the stress I was feeling. My favorite part of the float happened thirty minutes in when I felt my baby girl kick. While I have felt that in my every day life, having it happen in such a secluded environment made the movement more vivid. I felt more connected to the baby when it was just the two of us in the pod than ever before.

What’s Next

With True REST Float Spas opening back up across the country I am looking forward to getting back to a monthly float practice. There is also a True REST Float Spa in the town where I am planning to have my baby moon so I am looking forward to that experience in my third trimester. Thank you for joining my journey!

Have you tried floating in your second trimester?

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