Floating Is The Future of Post-Gym Recovery

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Float therapy is a widely known and accepted technique that many world-class athletes and sporting teams have adopted. It can be used to treat a variety of sports-related injuries and can assist in the healing process. 

There are many people who enjoy the benefits of sensory deprivation tanks besides athletes. Studies have confirmed that it provides a therapeutic effect on chronic pain and headaches, muscle tension and soreness, stress and anxiety.

Athletes use the therapy to experience the optimal effects of their training routines. This way it will allow them to manage any fatigue and speed up the recovery process from any sports injuries. Many athletes have reported that they saw an increase in energy, improves concentration and focus, and aids in the creative process. 

Since the 1980s, the Dallas Cowboys franchise has adopted float therapy to aid in stress and pain reduction, while promoting visualization and concentration. The theory is that a session (30-60mins) is the equivalence to several hours of sleep and allows you to feel more refreshed in the coming days. 

The floating process allows the entire body to enter a state of relaxation. During the float, blood pressure begins to reduce and blood flow increases. The combined effects will assist in a speedy recovery process. 

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