Floatation Therapy: Practice in the Art of Letting Go.

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There are many aspects of life in which our physical responses seems to transform us in more subtle ways. Our actions can set the stage for different sets of emotions and mental states.

When I clean my house, it seems I have also cleared my mind. After I endure a more challenging yoga class, it feels I can better endure the challenges in my daily life. When I float it’s no different—as I physically let go in my session, I experience a sense of having “let go” of so much more.

As each muscle relaxes, I find my mind joining my body. As I recognize that I can allow my neck to release, my mental tension also responds.

With each hour in the Float Pod I find the days which follow to be lighter—stresses seem to dissolve, possible irritations seem more trivial. The chores I may not typically look forward to seem to show more of their rewards.

I feel refreshed and carefree—as if i’ve let go of some of my seriousness and worries—it’s like I have dropped a literal burden that I have been toting around!

Those times which I climb into the Float Pod with the most on my mind—really lugging around all sorts of thoughts, worries, to-do lists—are, by no coincidence, the days I find it hardest to let go completely and fully relax my body in the pod.

Yet, these are also the moments I most need a float! The payoff is enormous; the more “stuff” you’re carrying, the better it feels to set it down.

There are no wasted floats; even if it feels like my mind continued to chat away, there is still a greater sense of peace that follows—in my experience, it’s just about impossible to leave a float not feeling better to some degree.

Recently I’ve enjoyed thinking of my floats as practice in the art of letting go. A sort of training, if you will—and a relaxing one at that!

The more I show up to release my stress, both physical and mental, the greater flow my life seems to have to it—maybe a better way of saying this is: the more able I feel to flow with life.

Floating has been transformational in my life because it has allowed me the to change how I show up for it. With less stress and anxiety clouding my mind I am able to more readily see that it is a choice!

In practicing letting go I practice adaptation, flexibility—I cultivate the ability to laugh more at life. This lightness just plain feels good—and I experience each float’s impact with me for days to come.

We hang on to a lot in this world, but in a Float Pod we find ourselves in a space in which we can breathe a huge sigh of relief and finally let go of the stresses we carry.

There’s no one to impress or answer to, no expectations—it’s just you and the peacefulness of the water.

It might take a few floats to feel you have really “got” this whole letting go thing—this simply shows you how familiar we are with hanging on! But each float builds on the last, and with each hour of practice we benefit—while becoming more familiar with the joyous feeling of releasing, relaxing and letting go of it all.

Have you let go lately?

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