All The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Float

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We know what you’re thinking… You’ve heard it all before, every reason you should float. On the contrary, here are the top reasons we hear people say why you shouldn’t float:

“Because I’ll drown” – Valid point. Except not really! You float face up, fully supported by the water. Every single one of our float pods has only 10 inches of water in it and although possible, the probability of you drowning in only 10 inches is highly unlikely. Plus the salt water in your eyes and mouth would be quite uncomfortable… Onto the next!

“The water is dirty” – Nobody likes a backwash Betty, we get it! Our floating solution is so salty that it’s inherently sterile, but after each and every float, we clinically disinfect and treat ALL of the salt water in the pod using our UV filter and Ozone technology to neutralize any and everything. This ensures a fresh, sparkling clean pod for every new customer who comes to float. We actually believe it’s some of the cleanest water you may have ever been in.

“I can’t float” – No, you literally can’t sink. Bowling balls float on our water. You don’t need to know how to swim or float.  There’s over 1,000 lbs. of epsom salt mixed in, making the water about 30% salt! That’s considerably saltier than the Dead Sea and if a bowling ball can float, we have faith you can too! That goes for any size or shape human, period.

“I can’t be locked in small spaces” – Another point that we totally understand. It’s common for many people to feel uncomfortable in small spaces but our float pod might be more roomy than you think! First off, it’s not locked, the door is completely in your control and you can leave it wide open. The pod’s interior is 7 feet long, which means you’re floating in about the size of a queen bed. The top of the pod is so tall above you that you won’t be able to touch it with your arms extended out above you. It feels much larger than the driver’s seat of any small car.

“I don’t have time – and I can’t do nothing for an hour – my mind is too overactive” – For those that are so busy that they literally can’t squeeze in another thing, we get it. It’s those of us that need floating the most! Periods of prolonged rest and relaxation are essential to our growth, and it’s the first step to quieting an overactive mind and busy life schedule. As the saying goes, “You should sit in quiet contemplation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit for an hour.” Give yourself permission to rest, do nothing, and simply be with yourself. And don’t let yourself be bored by the idea of just being with yourself, you’re everything you’ve got! Learn more about Calming the Monkey Mind.

So,  if you want to feel healthy, refreshed, happy, and rested, then definitely don’t try floating. 😉

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