All About R.E.S.T!

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The modern world has us more connected than ever—in an instant we can connect across the globe, and we’re never far from a device that keeps us within arms reach of email, phone calls, text messages, Facebook and any other social media.

This interconnectedness spans beyond our own personal connections—add in the constant presence of advertisements, lights, noises and other people—and you’ve got one busting, in-your-face world.

Being this close to—well…everything—is incredible and a truly awesome feat, but  it all comes with a price: over-stimulation!

The uncertainty and sensory loudness of just being in the world is enough to keep our brains in a  slight state of stress most of the time—the part of our brain which “watches” for changes in our environment and signals them to us as potential threats (the reticular activating system) is stimulated frequently in the midst of all of our technology and wanted—or unwanted stimuli.

As we enter the holiday season, even our most accustomed errands can become true tests of our stress capacity.

What’s the solution? To add balance to this extreme! Our state of constant connection can be complimented with deep disconnection—not from life itself, but rather, from the active extreme of it.

The REST in True REST is an acronymn for just this: Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy.

In other words, removing the unavoidable distractions of daily life and creating space for deep relaxation—a state which arises within the serenity of spending time with self in a space free of all life’s added stimulus.

If you’ve ever felt stressed or bombarded and experienced the relief of a quiet moment at peace, than you’ve tasted the tip of the iceberg of REST.

Floating is the most effective means of experiencing REST—not only do you escape from sound, other people and the unpredictable, you get to take it further—escaping from gravity (which a large percentage of our brain is constantly compensating for)  while blissfully floating in water heated to the same temperature as your skin—eliminating even the most seemingly subtle stimuli.

It’s no secret that in this hyper-connected world the majority of us tend to stay busier than ever—always looking for efficiency—and REST also offers just this: quality in quantity.

60 minutes in a float pod can leave you feeling brand new, and allow you to reach a level of relaxation deeper than you may ever have experienced.

It’s a beautiful thing when one extreme meets it’s balance, allowing us the opportunity to reach more towards  our own equilibrium. The Float Pod® is the perfect technology for this connected age—allowing us an ultimate hour of peace away from it all.

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