Floating: The Recipe

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What is the recipe for better health?

We get this question so often and in truth, it’s pretty simple. Salt. Weightlessness. Meditation. These three ingredients provide a perfect balance so you can nourish your body and for better health to flourish overall. That’s really all you need. Now, let’s jump in and break down the three fundamentals of every float recipe.

Total time: 60 minutes
Makes: 1 happy person


The most important of the three ingredients in this recipe is salt! Without salt, there is no floating. Salt helps to pull toxins out of the body, it relieves muscle tension and cramps, in addition to keeping your skin feeling fresh. Each float pod has 1000 lbs of salt in 180 gallons of water, making the salt solution around 30%. To be even more specific, the salt we use in our float pods is magnesium sulfate, aka epsom salt. Magnesium is an essential nutrient to better overall health, about 60% of the magnesium in our body is in our bones alone! It supports the immune system, keeps the bones, muscles & joints strong, and helps to regulate glucose levels in the blood.

Ahh the second ingredient. This is more of an experiential type of ingredient: the feeling of floating or weightlessness. At the beginning of your float when you lay back for the first time, you’ll feel how your body rises up to the surface of the water. This sensation of weightlessness is unique to the float experience. In this zero-gravity state, there are no pressure points on the body and you feel like you’re resting on top of a cloud.

 The final ingredient is all about less distraction and more zen. The skin temperature water tricks the brain to cognitively lose the boundaries between our body and the water, providing a sense of unity. An hour of silence in zero gravity aids the body in decreasing it’s production of cortisol, a stress hormone, and inversely, increase relaxation. When we float our brain can enter very deep states of peace, sometimes even experiencing the theta or delta brain-wave states. In these deep sleep states we can dream, or rest in the no-thing-ness of just being.


Flotation therapy has helped millions of people work through their personal mental, physical and emotional ailments: from depression and anxiety to fibromyalgia and chronic pain. There are a wide range of positive effects that are reported from time spent in the float pod and people are finally beginning to notice that this wellness recipe might be something to add into their routine.

So, better health and a happier me in only 60 minutes time? I’ll take two please…

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