Breaking Down Popular Tricks to Floating

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It’s the spookiest month of the year. Instead of playing tricks, use the following tricks to help you reach your best float yet!


Earplugs are the most common trick people use when floating. The silicon ear plugs at True REST make it easy to shape the putty into a ball which will sit nicely in your ear to keep the water out. With this trick, if you are listening to music be sure to adjust the volume so you can still hear it at your ideal volume. Be aware that once you put your earplugs in, if you take them out, they will not fit in the same. For best results, place ear plugs in before you get into any water (including the shower!). Using earplugs keeps the water outside of your ear canals which can be distracting or bothersome for many.

Neck Pillow

Over a thousand pounds of Epson salt will have you floating regardless but having the head support of a neck pillow can make your float more comfortable. Using the neck pillow takes pressure off and allows the neck to relax. Neck pillows at True REST are salt and water resistant creating an effortless float and avoiding a “crusty” feeling. A benefit of the neck pillow trick is that you can go back and forth between using it, or letting it sit on the pod edge. This gives you total control to change it up if it is just not feeling right in the moment.


There is no right or wrong choice between having music or a silent pod. For those that choose music, there are a few tricks that can help you. If there is a try and true track you listen to, it may be time to mix it up with something similar but purposeful. True REST offers custom programs that help you rest, relax, decrease stress and improve sleep. A float therapy popular trick is The Better Sleep Program, a creation by Dr. Michael Breus. Dr. Breus is commonly known as The Sleep Doctor!


Bring Your Own Trick! While float spas offer the necessities and a few luxuries, if there is something you want to try that helps you relax talk to your float consultant and see if it is a possibility. As mentioned in our pregnancy blog, some women bring a small poodle noodle during their pregnancy. This can be used between their legs as they float on their side, or under her their chin if they float on their belly.  For those with longer hair, bringing a hair tie to keep your wet hair from dripping on your clothes post float is always a good idea.

What is your favorite float therapy popular tricks? Comment below!

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